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Есть ли необходимость охранять территорию коттеджа, имущественного комплекса служебными собаками?
  Да, считаю это самым эффективным
  Да, но не хочется нести лишние расходы
  Нет, не вижу в этом необходимости
  Затрудняюсь ответить

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Do you have a problem with protection of your property?

Selection of guarding dogs of Russian breeds, exhibiting business, training for dogs, puppies of South Russian Ovcharka, East European Ovcharka, Central Asien Ovcharka, Black Russian Terrier.Completed set of documentsfor your puppy. All inoculations
Protection of building sites, industrial areas, courses for cynologists,South Russian Ovcharka,East European Ovcharka, Central Asien Ovcharka, Black Russian Terrier.
There is no better guard than a dog. Russian races are among the best for this purpose . Are you looking for the most furious from the nicest and the nicest from the most furious? You’ve found it. «South Russian Ovcharkas» (Sheep-dogs) could not be threatened neither suborned, or persuaded. It doesn’t need to be trained how to protect the territory because it has all the skills written in genes. Puppies of South Russian Sheep-dogs are very popular among specialists and pet owners in Russia.

First sheep-dogs that were chosen for our company in 1999, were the best from their species. We have been working especially with South Russian Ovcharkas for several years to select the best in the breed .

Our next step was to choose the best race for territory patrolling and pursuit. One of the leaders in this category is Central Asian Ovcharka (Sheep-dog), the other name for it is Caucasian Volkodav. You have probably heard about this breed because of its current popularity. One of the first breed representatives had been brought directly from Turkmen by our company.

As a result of our serious selecting work we now have perfect grown-up guarding dogs that have shown their abilities not only at work, but in the number of exhibitions as well. Highly evaluated by specialists our dogs had received such qualifications as Champion of Russia, Young Champion of Russia, Champion of NKP, Grand-Champion.

All dogs from Technodog’s species will be your best friends and protectors. Our specialists are able to prepare and train the dog to any kind of activity for you.

You can find available representatives when downloaded to «Dogs for sale».

Thank you for visiting our site. If you have further questions you can contact us by email: post@tehnodog.ru or phone: +7 (495) 550-6115.

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